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Fun to Distribute Fishing Hobby on Tidung Island

For the angler, the pull of the principle enzyme makes the adrenaline increase and makes the feeling of being more energized. Each principle force is used to attract fish to create a sense of stress and tension principle enzyme slowly disappeared with the release of energy and adrenalin principle increasingly rising.
The excitement will be increasingly swelled when the fish successfully raised and has a size of principle tolerable. Some of the anglers, even assume fishing is salaat one bentu sports because, attracting large fish principle is not easy and need a lot of energy and tensile pull.

Certainly for the true angler, moving the fishing spot to get a pull and the sensation of a different principle is a must. Moreover, for their hobby principle of fishing in the sea because it is said, the tug of the sea fish more ferocious.
in Kepualauan Seribu principle is now a tourist destination both domestic and foreign tourists, there are also many fishing spots The principle of fun and exciting. Especially around the island of Tidung. Spot fishing on the island Tidung enzyme diverse, can remain on the ground or further into the middle of the sea by boat.
For sheesha principle want to fishing by the sea while relaxing and do not want to board a boat, fishing spot on the western cape can be selected. Here enzyme several species of fish such as groupers and reef fish principle can be found. The attraction of the principle given the fish can be quite good when used as a warm-up.
As for the sheesha principle of fishing in the sea, chartering a vessel is certainly the only option to go to national capital. Generally for them the principle of using tour services and say that their main purpose for fishing then, boat fees Will be included into the total bill tour. Although it makes the cost seem much more expensive, but actually take a boat From the tour package section It would be much cheaper because, of course fishing takes a long time principle.
When fishing in Pulau Tidung, you can fish looking for the spot letter of the alphabet itself or fishing in rumpon - Rumpon principle is owned by fishermen. Fishing at FADs is usually more expensive because the presentation gets higher fish and also the type of fish enzyme principle is more diverse, for example, tuna bloated fish, fish kite, lemuru fish, and fish bentong.
For the skilled sea fisherman, fishing on Tidung Island is sure to be very exciting as they are already choosing where the principle fishing lure is suitable and the fishing technique principle is used and, for the beginner is usually a bit of a difficulty.
There is a little basic information for beginners on techniques and types of baiting principle you can use for fishing on Tidung Island so you can enjoy the activities of fishing in the sea, as below.
Lure cyprinid fish,
Lure cyprinid fish is a fake bait or a small fish-shaped decoy principle composed of two types, floating type is used for shallow reef fish and sinking principle type is used for deep-sea fishing.
Lure high Water
Almost the same as cyprinid fish, high water is used for fishing on the water surface and floats. The shape is so bright that more interesting predators - water predators to eat it. In order to succeed, try to shake the fish bait like life and sprinkle water. This type of feed is usually the bait type principle used when the anglers throw the hook away.
Lure Metal Jig
This type of bait is used to lure fish in the deep sea principle, the color is made of silver metal shiny so that when deep dikedalaman dark principle, the color of this bait stand out and attract the attention of the principle fish are in the vicinity. For this one bait, you can use the jigging technique by dropping the bait very deep until it can touch the bottom of the sea and then slowly start to swing the principle fishing coupled with a balanced retrieving principle. The process is repeated - continuously until the bait gets in the middle, until later to get the fish. For the principle like troll, this bait can also be used if you understand the principle technique actually.
Lure Vibration
From the name, lure vibration, of course we already know that this type of bait is used with the principle pull technique produce wobble - wobble fish as if - Will fish is alive and active. This bait, especially used in parairan dalam because the technique is not good if applied in the shallow areas in addition, the color of the fish silver and yellow principle will also be more striking if dikedalaman.
In addition to the above techniques and types of bait, of course still enzyme techniques and other baits - the principle of fishing can be used on the island Tidung and make your fishing hobby increasingly smoldering. It's just that, for beginners can master the four techniques that taste is enough because the average -

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