Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015


You want john traveled to the island then forget for all the tours on the island. There are so many tourist attractions that both relaxed, interesting to try, enjoyable even when the spur. For all that to Tidung many interesting experiences that reveal, like enjoying the Bridge of Love, culinary, try water, john myriad of other interesting try.
Create a long vacation package one or two it will be if not all the rides. Time can you can place on Tidung. Only tourist attraction in Tidung?

Attractions Bridge of Love
Maybe this place is no longer the already often to Tidung. Only interesting to visit Love with historically often people, here also can be done by various people or itself that is curious, as from the bridge. In addition to the young romantic also be able to sundown on the day that is tender.

Try surfing?
Under atmosphere which is quite well-known, but in some places the beach, not in Tidung, objects that are excellent that this is. Likewise, if you try snorkeling Tidung that may not have been a natural draw. Environmental clean beaches, beautiful add on the island under the sea that are crystal clear. Special've never do not be afraid to because it will be the assistance of so highly is not attempted, travel manuals.
Blueberry john boat around the island
Some objects above that is like, there are attractions that can namely blueberry boat, spurring you. This experience was stressful, let alone have never tried. To use blueberry boat hire around the coast. Uni blueberry boat used for people at once.

Lots of challenging objects which enjoyed a vacation to Tidung. Enjoy, can be everything, and appealing to friends vacation.

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